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House coordinates | Geodata

House coordinates describe the location of all 28 million buildings throughout Germany based on their X-Y geocoordinate and the correct postal address. They are used by numerous companies as the basis for geomarketing measures - for example, by publishers for logistics optimization, energy and telecommunications providers for network planning, and navigation systems for precise guidance to a house. They are also used on a daily basis in the real estate industry, by public authorities and security services (e.g. the police), as well as in administration, science and research.

The data is available for all levels of location accuracy: from the official house coordinates of the national survey to interpolated house coordinates based on data from Telecom, TomTom or OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap is a free project that collects geodata that can be freely used by everyone (Open Data). With the help of this data, world maps can be calculated or special maps can be derived and navigation can be operated.

They include the following information:

  • X-Y coordinate in all common projections and geographic reference systems
  • Geocoordinate quality information
  • Geo key for country, Administrative district, County/county-free city, Municipality, town or municipality district, street, Building
  • Street name, house number, addressing suffix, Postal code, postal place name, postal place name suffix, postal district

For each of our house coordinates, all descriptive characteristics from the Nexiga Building database are available.

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