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Operations, companies and sales

*Gebietsebene, die zum Merkmal direkt lieferbar ist. Weitere Gebietsebenen auf Anfragen.



In Deutschland gibt es ca. 4 Mio. Firmen. Für diese Firmen können wir folgende Angaben bereitstellen:

  • Firmenname
  • Adresse
  • Geokoordinate
  • Umsatzklasse
  • Beschäftigtenklasse
  • Anzahl Beschäftigte (generierte Zahl)
  • Firmenart (Filiale, Niederlassung, Hauptfiliale, Holding, Zentrale)
  • Hauptbranche
  • Alle weiteren Branchenzuordnungen
  • SmallOffice/HomeOffice
  • Ansprechpartner, E-Mail, Telefon etc. auf Anfrage
*Kreis, Gemeinde, Wohnquartier, Straßenabschnitt, PLZ, Mikro-PLZ

Unternehmen nach 7 Umsatzklassen

Number of companies subject to sales tax and their sales classes. The seven sales classes of branches, subsidiaries, etc. of a company are shown at the company's head office.

  • Number of companies
  • Sales categories (less than EUR 500,000, 500,000 - EUR 2.49 million, 2.5 million - EUR 4.99 million, 5 million - EUR 24.99 million, 25 million - EUR 49.99 million, 50 million - EUR 499.99 million, 500 million and above)
*Kreis, Gemeinde, Wohnquartier, Straßenabschnitt, PLZ, Mikro-PLZ

Unternehmen nach 3 Beschäftigtenklassen

  • 100 oder mehr Mitarbeiter oder die Gesellschaftsform ist AG
  • 6-100 Mitarbeiter oder die Gesellschaftsform ist GmbH
  • 1-5 Mitarbeiter

Establishments by economic activity (WZ2008) - sections

  • Section A - Agriculture, forestry and fisheries
  • Section B - Mining and quarrying
  • Section C - Manufacturing
  • Section D - Energy supply
  • Section E - Water Supply; Sewage and Waste Disposal and Pollution Elimination
  • Section F - Construction
  • Section G - Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • Section H - Transport and storage
  • Section I - Hospitality
  • Section J - Information and communication
  • Section K - Provision of financial and insurance services
  • Section L - Real estate and housing
  • Section M - Provision of Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
  • Section N - Provision of other economic services
  • Section O - Public administration, defense, social security
  • Section P - Education
  • Section Q - Health and social services
  • Section R - Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
  • Section S - Provision of other services
  • Section T - Private households with domestic staff, production of goods and provision of services by private Building- held for own use with no distinctive center of gravity
  • Section U - Extraterritorial Organizations and Entities
  • Section Unknown

Establishments by economic sector (WZ2008) 

Departments Number of establishments according to WZ2 - total 89 departments

Establishments by economic sector (WZ2008)

Groups Number of establishments according to WZ3 - total 272 groups

*Kreis, Gemeinde

Gross value added by economic sector

  • Bruttoinlandsprodukt, insgesamt [Mio €]
  • Bruttowertschöpfung, insgesamt in [Mio €]
  • Bruttowertschöpfung Baugewerbe [Mio €]
  • Bruttowertschöpfung Dienstleistungsbereiche [Mio €]
  • Bruttowertschöpfung sonstige öffentliche und private Dienstleistungen, Staat [Mio €]
  • Bruttowertschöpfung Dienstleistungen überwiegend für Unternehmen, Finanzdienstleistungen [Mio €]
  • Bruttowertschöpfung Handel, Gastgewerbe und Verkehr [Mio €]
  • Bruttowertschöpfung als Index
  • Bruttowertschöpfung Land- und Forstwirtschaft & Fischerei [Mio €]
  • Bruttowertschöpfung Produzierendes Gewerbe [Mio €]
  • Bruttowertschöpfung Produzierendes Gewerbe ohne Baugewerbe [Mio €]
  • Bruttowertschöpfung Verarbeitendes Gewerbe [Mio €]
  • Bruttowertschöpfung je Einwohner [€
*Kreis, Gemeinde, Wohnquartier, Straßenabschnitt, PLZ, Mikro-PLZ

Companies by economic sector and 7 sales categories

The seven sales classes are issued for each economic sector:

  • Agriculture and forestry, fishery/fish farming
  • Mining and energy
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Construction
  • Trade, maintenance of motor vehicles/consumer goods
  • Hospitality
  • Transport and storage
  • Information and communication
  • Credit and insurance industry
  • Real estate and housing
  • Public administration, defense, social security
  • Education and teaching
  • Health, veterinary and social services
  • Provision of other services
*Kreis, Gemeinde, Wohnquartier, Straßenabschnitt, PLZ, Mikro-PLZ

Company counter

The company addresses are aggregated by Nexiga to the various spatial area units. At the same time, industry codes or 148 main industries are distilled from the multitude and all companies are grouped into three size classes:

Companies by size class

  • Total companies
  • Large companies (100 and more employees)
  • Medium-sized companies (five to 99 employees)
  • Small companies (one to four employees)

Businesses according to 148 industries

Extract from the list of 148 industries:

  • Promotional, gift and souvenir - manufacturer
  • Promotional, gift and souvenirs - retail trade
  • Organizations and institutions
  • Car rental, car hire and cab companies
  • Precision mechanics, optics and medical technology - wholesale, distribution, export and import
  • Agricultural products - retail trade
  • Vehicles, vehicle parts and accessories - wholesale, distribution, export and import
  • Recycling company
  • Cosmetics and personal care - wholesale, distribution, export and import
  • Real estate, Building- and asset management
  • Chemistry, plastics and minerals - manufacturer

Operations according to 15 groups

  • Manufacturer
  • Craft
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Other trade
  • Car trade and garages
  • Banks and savings banks
  • Insurance companies/agencies
  • Hotel industry / gastronomy
  • Doctors and medical professions
  • Legal, economic and financial advisor
  • Services
  • Offices and authorities
  • Agriculture
  • Other

Business POIs & Nexiga Topshops

With our Business POIs, company locations and points of interests are available at all area levels. These can be counted according to Zip code, Street segment or other spatial specifications as well as delivered as an exact company address on house level. In total, the Business POIs contain around 4 million company addresses, divided into 15 industries and 128 subcategories.

Unsere spezielle Datenbank Nexiga Topshops liefert Informationen zu den größten und wichtigsten Filialisten aus Einzelhandel (Mode, Elektronik, Reisen, Baumärkte etc.), Bankwesen, Telekommunikation, Tankstellen u. v. m. Diese bieten einen Überblick über Toplagen mit hoher Passantenfrequenz und erleichtern die Bewertung von Immobilien, Filialen und Standorten sowie die Verbesserung von Frequenzzonen – und das in allen gängigen Datenformaten.


Topshops contains around 520,000 entries for around 1,300 German chain stores and shop-in-shop outlets in Germany, from Aldi to Zeeman.


This includes the following information:

  • Company name (brand or branch name)
  • Differentiation of sales hotspots through store typing (e.g. shop-in-shop, point of sale, agency, parcel store, etc.)
  • Postal company address (Zip code, city, street name and house number)
  • Information on chain stores and brands incl. opening hours, phone, fax, and e-mail in Germany.
  • Classification in different service or retail categories (e.g. banks and savings banks, car rental, food, furniture or textile, etc.).
  • Characteristics of bank offices (branch, ATM, self-service center)
  • Coverage of all major industries such as retail (fashion, electronics, travel, DIY stores, etc.), banking, telecommunications, gas stations, and many more.
  • Data on regional, national and international chain stores
  • Coordinates based on Open Street Map (OSM) and Nexiga coordinates (optionally also with TomTom, Telekom or cadastral coordinates)
  • Highest possible topicality through semi-annual data updates

The Nexiga Topshops are also available for Austria!

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