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Solutions and products for the perfect market overview

Printed out quickly. A lot about Location Intelligence in the form of solutions and products is also available from us as a PDF. Just download it and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us.

Telecommunications Data Sheet

Plan the expansion of fiber optic networks and broadband with the right data. We have summarized the most important features for you on a data sheet.

Data Catalog

In a data-driven world, valid data is increasingly important as the basis for analyses and economically sustainable decisions. Precise market and geodata are the basis. With this knowledge, opportunities and risks of strategic decisions can be realistically assessed in many areas. Precisely and comprehensively.

Europe-wide site assessment

You want to increase your sales area? Your lease is expiring or you are faced with the decision of whether to relocate your store? Then you need an objective measure for sustainable decisions. This is exactly what the Pedestrian Frequency Atlas (PFA) and the Consumer Focus Index (KSI) can help you achieve.

Nexiga Market Analyst

The innovative geomarketing system Nexiga Marktanalyst offers all the functions you need for successful planning, visualization and realization of your company goals. Link external data with your company's own information and display results in meaningful digital maps.

Sinus Milieus®

Social milieus reflect similar basic values and lifestyle principles of target groups. With the right data, you can recognize the patterns and group affiliations in your customers. The target group model is considered widely used in many markets and is part of the most important market media study in Germany.

Mobility data

Nexiga provides detailed information on the movements of pedestrians (pedestrian frequency) and vehicles (traffic frequency) for Germany as well as on European road sections. The direct comparison of locations, hotspots, and location qualities reveals where consumers are on the move and how they move from A to B.

Nexiga Topshops

Know success factors and use location advantages. With the current Nexiga Topshops, you can comprehensively analyze markets, better evaluate areas and locations, better assess competitors and place marketing activities in a more targeted manner.

Infrastructure schools

The 1a database - There are good reasons to know exactly where schools are located The Nexiga school database covers all areas of the German education system.

Nexiga Geocoder

First geocode, then profit: With Nexiga Geocoder, you not only update your customer data. It also offers you a flexible basis to plan your locations correctly and to acquire new customers. In short: Marketing at the highest level of precision.

Contactless delivery thanks to spatial intelligence

With "meter-precise" geo-information to the desired deposit location. Only through the appropriate selection of addressees who meet the requirements of a safe, visible and dry storage location could the implementation of the advertising campaign be successful without significant wastage.

Effective tours through web-based territory planning

With a new strategic control variable, DPD has succeeded in reorganizing delivery traffic and stops in a future-oriented manner. The area and route planning was methodically redefined with the help of a customer-specific geographic information system (GIS) from Nexiga and from now on ensures more efficiency and effectiveness within the framework of optimized logistics.

International expansion planning without investment risk

As part of an international expansion plan, the well-known organic food chain denn's Biomärkte was faced with the challenge of planning various store openings in a relatively short period of time. Cost-intensive on-site visits were to be avoided as far as possible.

Area accuracy generates concrete range forecasts

Precise data provides valuable services in reach planning and location assessment. Precise forecasts for a better and more accurate evaluation of reach and advertising potential are only possible in this way. Using local radio as an example, we show that fine-grained building data is the key to more area accuracy in populated areas and the cornerstone of higher analysis quality.

New target groups with the help of customer analytics

With the intelligent use of micro targeting for a well-known automobile manufacturer, the product launch of a new type of car was successfully supported. Customer analytics and data management were crucial for the high-performance use of marketing campaigns during the market launch.

Energy efficiency through accurate building information

In order to be able to assess the energy potential of retail properties and their optimal utilization more precisely, the EHI Institute has linked precise information on buildings with information on use, such as electricity consumption or sales area, for a market study in the field of energy. For the first time, statements could be transferred to the whole of Germany through a transparent data situation.