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Telecommunications is an absolute future market - and the way to a successful future for companies in the industry is through targeted analysis of the available data.

Use your CRM data in conjunction with our market data and geodata for analyses that provide you with valuable insights for your strategic network planning, the development of your sales markets, promising store and location planning and, of course, about the wishes of your target groups.

This enables you to make more informed decisions and minimize risks, for example, when planning broadband expansion, your sales and marketing strategy, or developing features and performance characteristics that make your customers happy.

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Telecommunications data

From White Spot to Hot Spot. With the special data from the Nexiga database.

Find out everything you need to know about potential networks, infrastructures and locations. With the in-house Nexiga database, we make valuable information on industry-related characteristics available to you. Whether it is information on cable and fiber availability,
mobile phone availability 2G, 3G, 4G or socio-demographic information. The spectrum is almost inexhaustible.

You can build on this during network planning. From the aerial photo to the surface and much more.

Use LOD 1 and LOD 2 data in addition to parcels, building outlines or building heights for your radio network planning.


With the combination of current geodata and factual data, we provide you with additional special data for your network expansion from the database of our partner Hexagon. The data basis is formed by their area-wide flight program, which is unique in Europe.


Broad data base for broadband expansion.

Plan fiber network expansion and more with data and GIS solutions from a market-leading system. 

See for yourself which data you can use specifically for the telecommunications sector and download our current data sheet. You are sure to find what you are looking for.

We know where customers go online.

Finding new customers is a challenging task in the telecommunications industry - because the target groups are huge and absolutely inhomogeneous. Added to this are saturated markets and globalized competition. The only way to maintain an overview is through high-quality data and detailed analysis.


That's where Nexiga's fine-grained data is a key competitive advantage. We provide you with accurate information on households, companies, building age, DSL availability, media usage, switching affinity, and much more.


Coupled with industry-specific geodata and our high level of analysis expertise, you receive valuable insights for the precise description and localization of your target groups as well as a basis for decision-making on topics such as broadband expansion, route and mobile communications planning, store planning or for your door-to-door sales. We look forward to communicating with you.


Data is the basis for a successful future. The most important thing here is to enrich your own CRM data with high-quality market and geodata. Gains in knowledge guaranteed.


Recognize potential, seize opportunities, minimize risks - use our geoinformation systems for maximum location, target group and market insight.


Be where your customers are. Sell where your products are needed. Know more wherever you want. Our experienced experts are at your side with suitable analyses.

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