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Energy transition and renewable energies, grid stability and supply security, e-mobility and photovoltaics, hydrogen storage and smart meters - the energy sector, more than almost any other industry, is characterized by new buzzwords, far-reaching changes and major challenges. And the most valuable basis for mastering these challenges is data and its targeted analysis. Nexiga offers you both.


With Nexiga, energy companies have access to a high-quality database and sound analysis expertise. Geodata, market data and CRM data can be used to analyze markets and target groups, precisely forecast demand and potential, and optimally plan marketing and sales measures as well as networks and capacity utilization.


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For your detailed planning - the Nexiga Energy Database

Every industry has its own secrets - and its own data! That's why Nexiga has built its own database specifically for the energy industry, creating a valid basis for decision-making in new customer acquisition, existing customer management, network planning and much more.


Fine-grained special data gives you information about your customers, target groups and network areas. Heating demand for each Building in a street, age of heating systems, gas availability, registration data for e-vehicles, charging infrastructure, frequency and commuter data, companies with vehicle fleets - the insights of our data are as valuable as they are diverse.


Use our database in combination with your CRM data for detailed market and potential analyses and to answer your individual questions. You will see: It gives energy.

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With Big Data Analytics in the e- fast lane.

Through the intelligent use of micro targeting for a well-known automobile manufacturer, the product launch of a new type of car was successfully supported. With Nexiga's know-how and data competence, a concrete buyer profile was created from the rather diffuse profile of the 'car driver with affinity for innovative drive concepts'. This was to be followed, above all, by commercially oriented campaigns.

How will the increasing number of e-cars affect the grids?

Nexiga provides you with answers to questions about e-mobility and charging infrastructure and, in addition to a wealth of energy-charged information, also offers a unique charging station register. Simply fill up and make informed decisions. 

E-mobility: Park properly at home.

Garages, the ideal place to charge the e-car via a wallbox. In the meantime, experts even assume that in the future approx. 80% of e-cars will be charged at home. We identify garages of residential buildings and other free parking areas for you to plan potential charging columns and much more.

Energy efficiency in real estate valuation.

The use case shows you an example of how concrete data can be used in the context of efficient energy use. By merging and evaluating new and existing data sets, the energy efficiency of real estate in the German retail sector was to be examined.


Data is the basis for a successful future. The most important thing here is to enrich your own CRM data with high-quality market and geodata. Gains in knowledge guaranteed.


Recognize potential, seize opportunities, minimize risks - use our geoinformation systems for maximum location, target group and market insight.


Be where your customers are. Sell where your products are needed. Know more wherever you want. Our experienced experts are at your side with suitable analyses.

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