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Specific tasks require specific approaches. Together with our customers, we have developed customized solutions for complex requests - and thus helped every mission to succeed. Let us also be the solution to your challenge. Let us convince you with different application examples on the topic of data, GIS & software and analysis that we can also find the solution to your problem.

Case Study Hermes

Relieving the last mile with contactless delivery - targeting the right audience.

The announcement of contactless parcel delivery to Hermes customers called for a target group-appropriate distribution. "Meter-precise" geo-information ensures where potential recipients with the appropriate requirements of a secure drop-off location can be found.

Case Study DPD

Map-based territory planning perfects parcel delivery

With a new strategic control variable, DPD has succeeded in reorganizing delivery traffic and stops in a future-oriented manner. The area and route planning was methodically redefined with the help of a customer-specific geographic information system (GIS) from Nexiga and from now on ensures more efficiency and effectiveness within the framework of optimized logistics.

Case Study dennree

Successful expansion controlling through intelligent location planning

As part of an international expansion plan, the well-known organic food chain denn's Biomärkte was faced with the challenge of planning various store openings in a relatively short period of time. Cost-intensive on-site visits were to be avoided as far as possible.

Case Study BLM

More accuracy in broadcasting - thanks to house-accurate population data

Precision in determining technical reach to create a good basis for "daily forecasting work" - that's the result for the Bavarian Regulatory Authority for New Media. Reliable data and analyses thus ensure better and more accurate evaluation of reach and advertising potential from now on.

Case Study EHI

Building assessment supports statements on energy efficiency in retail

In order to be able to assess the energy potential of retail properties and their optimal utilization more precisely, the EHI Institute linked precise building information with information on utilization, such as electricity consumption or sales area, for a market study in the field of energy. For the first time, statements could be transferred to the whole of Germany. The transparent data situation now serves as a starting point for further studies.

Case Study WWU

Reliable environmental data are needed to explain rent differences within a city.

Fine-grained data cannot be taken for granted. The influence of location on residential rents produced solid results when valid data were added. Precise data thus ensured accurate rent comparisons.

Case Study Capgemini

Successful use of Big Data, Analytics & Micro Targeting in the automotive sector

With the intelligent use of micro targeting for a well-known automobile manufacturer, the product launch of a new type of car was successfully supported. Customer analytics and data management were crucial for the high-performance use of marketing campaigns during the market launch.

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