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Cost of living Purchasing power

The cost of living varies greatly

Life is expensive in the German metropolises. According to a recent study, the cost of living in Germany varies considerably from region to region. A key factor in this is the

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Where more safety is required...

Corona times have been tough for all of us, whether as private citizens or for business owners, restaurateurs, cultural workers and many others. But also for another group

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Fast highway and fast charging?

Freeways are the main arteries in the road network and often allow people to get around relatively quickly and safely. In the age of e-mobility, the accessibility and availability of fast charging stations along the highways is important for

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Time for affordable luxury 

For a long time now, people have been trying to draw conclusions about the overall economic situation on the basis of everyday observations. At present, for example, we are once again hearing more frequently about the so-called lipstick index. This indicator was

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Hot November for car insurance

November is hot - at least when it comes to taking out car insurance. This is the month when most drivers have to decide whether to remain loyal to their insurance company or accept a supposedly cheaper offer. Interestingly, the market leader in this segment took over some shares in a well-known garage chain this summer. What is behind this and in which regions do citizens spend more money on car insurance than elsewhere?

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