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Well-founded geomarketing knowledge is by far not only of interest to marketing and sales managers in a company. Management and executives also benefit from precise data and analyses "on demand". With this knowledge, the opportunities and risks of strategic decisions in many areas can be realistically assessed and calculated as alternatives.


Based on our housing stock of over 28 million buildings in Germany and over 300 features, we provide you with the information you need for a qualitative analysis of your market.

In addition to basic information such as the number of households and trades, the spectrum ranges from sociodemographic (e.g. household size, gender, age groups) to economic (purchasing power, company size, etc.) and sales psychology (product affinity, consumer behavior, etc.) characteristics - whether at official, postal or house level.

Data protection included

In the interest of our customers, it is a matter of course for us to always meet all legal data protection requirements when researching and processing data and, for example, to anonymize personal data. In accordance with the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO), all data is thus processed and evaluated anonymously and thus non-personally.

What you can use Nexiga data for...


  • Monitoring of company and sales performance based on actual market potentials
  • Uncovering company-wide savings potential

Customer Management

  • Targeted control of CRM measures
  • ongoing updating of own addresses
  • Enrichment with qualifying features
  • Verification of target group types, etc.


  • Optimized planning of delivery and sales tours
  • Precise consideration of warehouses and delivery targets


  • Assessments of company performance and market potential
  • Minimization of investment risks
  • more efficient market cultivation
  • confident decision making
  • more market transparency

Market research

  • Transfer of concrete regional characteristics or survey results to selected areas or places

Network/supply planning

  • Demand-driven routing of supply and delivery networks
  • Coordination with existing branch networks


  • More targeted demand planning oriented to the chances of success of products and services


  • Identify market opportunities and demand for current offerings as well as in product development/launches

Production positioning

  • Orientation to market potential for the adaptation of products
  • Prices and product ranges to meet regional needs

Site planning

  • Detection of "white spots"; determination of optimal locations for branches and store openings
  • Optimization of administration, production, warehouse, delivery points, self-service center, etc.

You can also learn more about location planning in our blog.


  • Selection of suitable areas and locations according to sales potential
  • Localization of up- or cross-selling potential, for example
  • Selection of best routes for field service


  • Effective campaign planning and media selection
  • Avoidance of wastage
  • Localization of affine households
  • Determination of potential for direct, household advertising
  • Out-of-Home Media
  • Address management
  • One -to-One Marketing etc.