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3D building models | Geodata

The 3D building models are available for Germany in Level of Detail LOD 1. The unit LOD is used to designate different levels of detail in the three-dimensional design of virtual worlds.


The models are based on official information on building height and use as well as on the house perimeter with the correct postal address. The building use is specified in great detail with up to 250 classes and ranges from stables to carports to the classic single dwelling house. Furthermore, floor numbers, information on the living space in square meters as well as ranges of radio waves and antennas are available. Access to all data in the microgeographic Nexiga Building database is possible via the unique geo key. This provides a wide range of analysis options: Visibility and shading analyses, model and network planning in the mobile radio sector, presentations of construction projects, realistic scenarios in vehicle navigation and many more.


The 3D building models are available in CityGML or Shape or FGDB format in a wide variety of coordinate projections.

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