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Maps | Digital Maps with Geostreet+

Our market and geodata contain a wide range of information on customers, target groups, locations and markets. Nexiga Maps visualizes these in simple and clear digital maps such as Geostreet+. In addition to street names, traffic routes and house number ranges, numerous points of interest and land use information are available, providing a comprehensive view of regional conditions. This means that the results of geographic analyses can be quickly compared and evaluated.


Geostreet+ is available worldwide on the basis of navigation data from the market leader TomTom and on data from OpenStreetMap (OSM). The integration of the digital vector maps is possible in desktop systems as well as in cloud services.

Digital maps - centrally created, available worldwide

Zooming, defining sections, displaying distances, printing - our digital vector maps(Geostreet+), are far superior to any table or graphic. With our maps you have all regional conditions in view and can easily and quickly compare the results of geographic analyses.


Geostreet+ is available in four display variants and additionally with geographic information such as building perimeters and contour lines.

All contents of Geostreet+ digital vector maps are stored in the form of coordinates that represent points (train stations and city points), lines (roads and rivers) or areas (forest areas or settlement areas). Together, all information results in a map image that can be optimized depending on the zoom level or map section.


Description of the color variants

  • Metropolis: The main traffic routes are visualized in yellow and orange tones, parks in light green. Settlement areas or commercial zones in shades of gray.
  • Landscape: Here the traffic routes are displayed in stronger yellow and orange tones.
  • Aurora: The main traffic routes as well as points of interest are visualized in shades of violet and purple, parks in rich green.
  • Desert: The main traffic routes are shown in strong autumn colors. Settlement areas are sand colored.


Our digital maps can be easily exported or transported in the form of data via cloud services. In addition, Geostreet+ is available worldwide based on the navigation data of the market leader TomTom - with pin-sharp zoom levels. Thus, the calculation of areas, locations or routes is possible anytime and anywhere.


With Nexiga Maps, the complete geodata portfolio, including all traffic routes, street names and house number ranges, is available to you without limits for geocoding. In addition, the digital maps contain numerous points of interest and land use information that support you in your marketing planning.

With additional information such as the building perimeters (house perimeters), for example, the building structure in many larger German city centers is made clear. Contour lines show the topographical conditions on site.

In our news section you will find many more examples of mapping and digital maps. Have a look!

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