Achieve early customer provisioning

More leads, more sales, less risk.

Analysis, data and geoinformation systems pay off

Assets, retirement planning, insurance - financial services are a private matter. And the more private something is, the more important it is to address customers individually and precisely: ideally with a trustworthy geo-information system.


Suitable and exclusively trustworthy market data and geodata provide financial service providers with valuable information about the wishes and motivations of their target group. Where do the people with the highest affinity for pension products live? In which streets or districts should risks be taken into account when pricing insurance contracts? Where can the greatest number of prospective customers for private health insurance be found? How can I use loss forecasts for efficient risk management?


Integrate our solutions into your innovative approaches and create real added value.

Our data can do a lot.

Do damage control. You must act sensitively with your customers.

Find the areas with the strongest return or weakest income. Analyze yourself right away or let us do it for you. Our WebApp Nexiga Market Analyst online quickly creates transparency and lets hot spots and white spots become quickly apparent to you.

Find instead of search. For example, the pension-oriented financial type!

Avoid wastage and identify in advance the types of financiers who match your marketing message. From disinterested to distrustful to confident, you can target exactly the type that needs your product.

Look into the future - make the right decisions with predictive analytics.

With the Nexiga Profiler we support you in the analysis of various questions. With a fine selection of product-specific key figures for financial products or precautionary-oriented financial types, you will be able to place campaigns more successfully in the future.

Stress due to low interest rate policy? Time to relax.

Find out which spatial components play a role in provisioning and how they can be leveraged through digitization.

With our data you are well insured

Use Nexiga's diverse data for diverse knowledge.

Data features for the finance and insurance industry


Data is the basis for a successful future. The most important thing here is to enrich your own CRM data with high-quality market and geodata. Gains in knowledge guaranteed.


Recognize potential, seize opportunities, minimize risks - use our geoinformation systems for maximum location, target group and market insight.


Be where your customers are. Sell where your products are needed. Know more wherever you want. Our experienced experts are at your side with suitable analyses.

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