Visualize market analyses online faster

Quickly and flexibly find the most lucrative locations for your business.

The web app knows where your customers are.

Are you planning to open a branch in an attractive location? Or do you want to know where the greatest customer potential for your sales department is located? No problem. With the Market Analyst online, you can quickly and easily determine your customer and sales potential across different distance zones.

Your advantages

Analyze target groups and determine customer potential - easily online!

The Nexiga market analyst online saves you cost-intensive market research. Information on customer potentials or target group distributions based on catchment areas according to travel times or distances as well as individual locations, areas or sales territories are provided within seconds in the form of a vivid map visualization. Important data correlations become visible at a glance and provide a sound basis for confident decisions.

Looking for relevant market data for site planning and expansion planning?

Probably the most uncomplicated and flexible way to perfect your location planning and location analysis based on meaningful market data is right in front of you. With just a few clicks, you can identify online the customer potential and sales opportunities for entire sales territories or individual locations. Fast. Flexible. Inexpensive.

Nexiga Market Analyst online gives you access to decision-relevant geodata and market information via an online account. At any time. At any place.

What our customers say:

"With its reliable and selective data, the Nexiga market analyst online forms the basis for the evaluation and leasing of locations.

Thanks to its ease of use, you save valuable time and can also always refer to an industry-recognized source in negotiations."
Ronny Hansen
Expansion Project Development/Letting at Saller Josef Gewerbebau
"With Nexiga Market Analyst online, we have been able to successfully expand our portfolio in the area of market environment and expansion analysis. Particularly when analyzing decisive location parameters to determine purchasing power, for example, we can make the graphical representations faster. The routing zones by minutes function also offers an interesting addition when examining the market shares of our clients' existing competitors."
Beate Choma
Commercial Assistant Consulting // Steinkühler Unternehmensberatung


Choose the variant that exactly meets your business requirements. Thanks to helpful functions, intuitive handling and a variety of powerful features, the geoinformation system is a reliable and professional analysis tool in the eyes of many users. You can get a cost-effective start with the SINGLEor TEAM version. The individual ENTERPRISE solution offers you maximum flexibility.

Users From 1 user From 5 users individual/unlimited
Terms from 3 months 12 months 12 months
Basic data

  • Inhabitants
  • Purchasing power
  • Households
  • 5 age groups
  • Companies (industries/number)
5 variables 5 variables flexible
Storage volume 1 GB 10 GB flexible

  • Simple address search
  • Import addresses incl. localization (geocoding)
  • Travel time and radius calculation
  • Customer potential determination
  • Potential calculation on any level
  • Individual map display
  • Fade in/out and combination
    of different layers
  • Freely definable color and pattern design
  • Convenient and direct access to
    individual data sets
  • PDF/Print
  • Others against surcharge (customizing)
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Layer Sharing X ✔️ ✔️
User management X X ✔️

We customize the system to your individual needs on request (as a service). Ask us about further functions and possibilities.

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Software installation X ✔️ available as desktop version
Streaming services

Connection to Nexiga server with simple data exchange (on demand) possible on request.

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Data pool

Are you interested in further data characteristics? No problem - just ask us!

X X Search data online

Use Cases

Find destinations

In which regions can you find the right target group? Which zip codes have a young population and above-average purchasing power?

Simply filter the appropriate market data in the table and transfer the selection directly to the map.

Visualize customers

How are your customers distributed spatially and are there any discernible geographical patterns? Where do interesting potential areas arise in comparison to purchasing power?

Import the address list of your existing customers into the system - they will be assigned a coordinate ad hoc and displayed directly on the map for your analysis.

Compare locations

Which potential location offers the most favorable environment?

Determine the potential per location on the basis of catchment areas: number of inhabitants and households, average purchasing power or number of companies in an industry. All market data is available for analysis at various geographical levels (residential districts, zip codes or municipalities).

45 minutes practical application

Get to know our web app better and watch our webinar.

We will show you how to display your location or customer addresses directly on the map and determine meaningful potential for existing and potential locations based on catchment areas with just a few clicks.

Using the integrated Nexiga market data at various geographical levels, lucrative expansion areas or the spatial distribution of target groups become immediately visible. Different locations can be visualized with the most important information and compared directly with each other.

Questions about our solutions?

Do you need a results-oriented solution for your industry? Are you looking for specific data characteristics or would you like to receive more information? Then simply use our contact form. We are looking forward to your questions!