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Identify and exploit potential - find the right location.

The right location requires flawless location planning

One of Germany's largest online opticians also needed a clear view for its location planning, as it planned to increase its locations in Germany tenfold within two years - a major investment with considerable risk.


After a precise determination of the target group, information on purchasing power, affinity for ophthalmic products, sales and other key figures enabled the right locations for high-priced or low-cost eyewear to be precisely identified and the investment risk to be reduced by almost 30%.


A well-founded site analysis is thus a basic prerequisite for success-oriented site planning.

Make site selection safe:

Webinar Recording // Plan stores, find locations.

You will get a quick overview of the most important functions including location-based data in this webinar. The Nexiga Marktanalyst Pro geoinformation system offers you a comprehensive construction kit for diverse location intelligence solutions 

Checking competitors and locations. With Germany's comprehensive database of chain stores.

With Nexiga Topshops, you always have your competitors, the largest
brand stores and the most important POIs in view. Use the data for your next location planning. 

Plan locations - but don't necessarily visit them all yourself.

Specific tasks require specific solutions. That is why we develop individual solutions together with our customers, also for the choice of location.

Evaluate location sites quickly online. Test the Nexiga market analyst online now.

The WebApp offers you a cost-effective entry into the world of geoinformation systems. Whether you want to analyze catchment areas for a location or just want to know where you can still siphon off customer potential.

We know the shortest way to your new location.

Whether a location is good or bad for a company depends on many different factors. In addition to the frequency of passers-by, the surroundings and the catchment area, characteristics derived from the respective product, the target groups, the competition and much more are also decisive.

It's a good thing that Nexiga and Big Data provide you with everything you need to find the ideal location for your customers: high-quality data, the right systems and the appropriate analyses make an outstanding customer experience possible and location planning solid.

Our location and potential analyses allow you to evaluate each location individually and present all relevant data on clear maps - for example, catchment areas, purchasing power, micro-location, suitability for chain stores, expansion potential, white spots or competition.


We are sure: You will not find a shorter and better way to the right location.


Data is the basis for a successful future. The most important thing here is to enrich your own CRM data with high-quality market and geodata. Gains in knowledge guaranteed.


Recognize potential, seize opportunities, minimize risks - use our geoinformation systems for maximum location, target group and market insight.


Be where your customers are. Sell where your products are needed. Know more wherever you want. Our experienced experts are at your side with suitable analyses.

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