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Build on Big Data - with the right analytics

Location, location, location - say some. Data, data, data - we say. Because with targeted data analysis, real estate agents, project developers, housing associations and investors gain valuable information about existing or planned projects and can thus precisely assess properties - and of course the locations. After all, the Building is a central source of information about the demographics, economic power, preferences or consumer habits of the entrepreneurs or private residents who live there.


The data that Nexiga offers the real estate industry is diverse, extremely high-quality and meaningful. It provides information on catchment areas, target groups, rental and purchase price structure, purchasing power in the surrounding area, competitors, PoIs, traffic and pedestrian frequency, and of course sociodemographic details. Big advantages thanks to Big Data.

More than half the battle for your growth

The foundation of efficient inventory management

The differences between cities and communities are particularly evident in the real estate industry. Large differences in purchase prices and rents are the rule today, and location is the number one criterion. To be able to reliably value real estate anywhere, you therefore need a high-quality database - and targeted information on socio-demographics, local supply, education, development of trendy neighborhoods and much more. Only in this way can housing associations and investors find out which rent or purchase price is justified and manage their portfolios efficiently. Use Nexiga as the cornerstone of your analyses.

Examine real estate locations for their competitive environment.

With Germany's comprehensive chain store database and the now 520,000 top store addresses of almost 1,300 chain stores, you are assured of a reliable determination of sales hotspots and it makes it easier for you to conduct a meaningful location and competition analysis.

Search, find and analyze real estate. The WebApp for quick analysis.

Get a quick overview of real estate locations: with the web-based geoinformation system Nexiga Marktanalyst online. If you are still unsure about what this online tool can tell you about locations and sites, just give it a try.

Smart Data in the Rental Price Sector. Static data, real data and offer data.

In order to value a property adequately and realistically, extensive and meaningful information management is required. This information can be used in the form of data and is thus useful indications for the value of a property at location X. You can find out which data is particularly important for the real estate industry in our overview. 

Rent forecasting - better estimate rents based on comparative models.

Precise data for precise rent comparisons was the motto of a broad-based observation, which at the same time should lead to a more substantiated statement. Among other things, Nexiga provided the University of Münster with data on population density, unemployment and purchasing power at the residential district level in order to better assess rent levels with the help of information on location. Improved comparability was to be achieved.


Data is the basis for a successful future. The most important thing here is to enrich your own CRM data with high-quality market and geodata. Gains in knowledge guaranteed.


Recognize potential, seize opportunities, minimize risks - use our geoinformation systems for maximum location, target group and market insight.


Be where your customers are. Sell where your products are needed. Know more wherever you want. Our experienced experts are at your side with suitable analyses.

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