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Consumption focus | Special data

The Consumer Focus Index (KSI) - a joint product of Walkabout Consulting and Nexiga GmbH - uses parameters such as retail density and pedestrian frequency to describe local consumption from a real market perspective. The index identifies all Nexiga residential neighborhoods and localizes consumption focal points and consumption nuclei (so-called nuclei). An evaluation of street segments is also possible with the KSI. In this way, purchasing behavior within the respective area can be classified as above average or well above average.


The index thus serves as a valuable indicator for objective location planning. For even greater clarity, centers with high retail density and pedestrian frequency as well as high consumption were spatially delineated in the form of polygons. These can be integrated into geoinformation systems as a basis for planning.

Polygon file consumption focus

This dataset comprises more than 1,300 spatial consumption foci formed from the Nexiga residential neighborhoods. They are characterized by high index values and spatial coherence.

Polygon file consumption focus nuclei

Within various large-scale focal areas, we have identified further small-scale centers that are characterized by a particularly high intensity of consumption. With these nuclei, the nuclei, areas can be delineated from one another in even greater detail.


The Nuklei dataset is based on multi-layered information, such as top stores or pedestrian frequency, and includes over 1,500 spatial units.

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