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Land use | Market data

*Area level that is directly available for the feature. Further area levels on request.

*Municipality, County

Types of use

"Land" is one of the production factors in an economy and is therefore a valuable commodity. The basic principle is that land cannot be consumed, it is merely used. These different types of use are not static, but change with the demands of time. Nexiga shows 16 different land uses in hectares:

  • Building areas (residential and commercial/industrial)
  • Open spaces
  • Floor surfaces
  • Operational land (excluding quarrying land)
  • Recreational areas (total and green areas only)
  • Cemetery plots
  • Traffic areas (road, path, square, total)
  • Agricultural land
  • Forest areas
  • Water surfaces
  • Areas of other use
  • Sealing rate

A further differentiation between green and settlement areas is possible on request:

  • Proportion of green space (km²)
  • Proportion of green space (%)
  • Share of settlement area (km²)
  • Share of settlement area (%)

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