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House2House matrix - method of analyzing spatial distances

Last Sunday was the state election in Saxony-Anhalt, for many a barometer of mood for the federal election in September. The election results were also observed in faraway countries: Thus, in the ticker reports of the Bloomberg TV stock exchange channel from New York City, the news appeared late Sunday evening that elections were held in the poorest Federal state ("poorest state") of Germany. Is that so? What does the Nexiga purchasing power data say about this?

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Location intelligence services as a cloud solution

Everything to do with Building, has been available from Nexiga for four decades. Since the 1980s, the Building has been the subject of area-specific investigations. It is the factual basis for the data and analysis world and has already delivered successful results to many planning and evaluations.

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Central markets and catchment areas

There are currently 10,993 towns and municipalities in Germany. With their facilities and services - from public administration to various shopping opportunities - the towns and cities have a lot to offer.

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