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Indoor soccer halls (POI) for competitor analysis 

Two weeks ago weeks ago the Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, with at least partly quite fresh temperatures in the southern winter. In a few months' time, we will also be again fall and winter are just around the corner, and for many active footballers, indoor soccer indoor soccer halls an interesting alternative for recreational sports.


Nexiga has thethese locations as point of Interest (POI) which are recorded as part of of market and location analyses and location analyses.

32 nations at the Women's World Cup for the first time

The Women's World Cup does not have a very long tradition. The first tournament was held in China in 1991, with the USA winning the first title. Back then, only 12 teams took part in the tournament, but this year 32 nations are represented for the first time. The tournament is also being held in the southern hemisphere for the first time, with several thousand kilometers and different climate zones between the venues in Perth (Western Australia) and Auckland (New Zealand).

The German women's national team has been extraordinarily successful so far. In addition to the 2 World Cup titles, it has already won the European Championship 8 times, as well as the Olympic gold medal (2016). The potential of female players in Germany is huge: according to Statista there were around 196,000 active female players in the German Football Association (DFB) in the 2022/2023 season, almost 10,000 more than four years earlier.


The conditions for a summer fairy tale are not currently in place everywhere in Australia and New Zealand, where the winter monthsThe opening match between Spain and Costa Rica on July 21 in Wellington was a chilly 9 degrees and rainy, with many spectators sitting in the stands wearing coats and hats. That's why it's a good idea for many recreational athletes in New Zealand to use an indoor soccer hall which are located in the conurbations of the larger cities in particular. Soccer is a popular sport in New Zealand, for both men and women. According to a 2018 survey, around 7% of New Zealand women play soccer regularly.

Our map (PDF ) shows the spatial distribution of these sports facilities, represented as spatial clusters (frequency distribution) for individual regions: They are particularly common in the conurbations in the west (North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhine-Main area). Berlin is relatively underserved.

These points of interest, already geocoded and provided with coordinates and current geocodes, are available as an independent data package for geographical analyses, as are indoor playgrounds or trampoline halls and bowling centers.

Indoor soccer halls and other points of interest

Soccer halls are particularly popular in Germany in the fall and winter due to the weather. Nexiga has recorded all current locations as points of interest and prepared them as geodata.

Points of Interest (POI) in general are geographical locationsthat are relevant for certain target groups of interest. These can be, for example, restaurants, hotels, sights, retail outlets, banks or petrol stations - or even soccer halls.


POI can be used for various analyses to gain valuable insights:


  • Market analysesPOI can help to analyze the market potential, competition, customer structure and purchasing behavior in a particular region. For example, POI can be used to decide where to open a new location by analyzing the number and type of stores, population density, traffic situation and purchasing power in the surrounding area.
  • Location analysesPOI can help to evaluate the attractiveness, accessibility and intensity of competition of a location.

In addition to these special POIs, Nexiga offers more than 475,000 top shops - which are the location addresses of more than 1,400 chain stores - for the reliable identification of sales hotspots and high-traffic facilities. The database stands for detailed and meaningful location and competition analyses in the retail sector and related areas (finance and insurance, tourism, automotive industry, etc.).

You are also welcome to take a look at our extensive market data.

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