Cloud-based services

Location intelligence services as a cloud solution

Geocoding. Enrichment. Routing.

It's a bit like eating - you don't usually like everything on the menu. That's why you can not only order the complete menu from our services, but simply select the services you need for location, area or campaign planning.


By developing our own services in-house, we have succeeded in making standard applications with location-based data available more quickly. With the platform-independent services in the Nexiga Portal, you benefit from applications that do not require any installation and are constantly being developed by us. Always under the premise of growing with your needs and the requirements of the market.


For you, this means no more unnecessary effort with the advantage of effectively and conveniently expanding your company data with valuable information. The planning and evaluation of your target groups, locations, properties and sales and expansion areas becomes more meaningful and easier. 


In particular, the visualization of sales data or target groups according to geographical regions and spatial aspects as well as the calculation of the optimal route between customers and the nearest store (House2House Matrix) offer you many additional advantages. Addresses can be quickly located and linked with external data and thus processed much more efficiently in the convenient cloud solution. By using structured address data, your customer relationship management (CRM) gains valuable insights for analyzing geographical locations and context-related attributes. Analyses in which you can relate your data to other spatial objects, guaranteeing a high level of accuracy and reliability of our services.


Whether as a single solution or in combination with other services, you can create your own spatial analyses directly in the user-friendly web client. Our security standards guarantee you a smooth and worry-free process. 

Your perfect system can be called up quickly from numerous modules. Maximum up-to-dateness and flexibility are integrated into your existing workflows and IT through open interfaces. Your results can be used indefinitely.


Combine three services into one web-based solution: 

  1. Geocoding

  2. Enrichment

  3. Routing

 In our webinar of the same name, our expert will give you a practical demonstration of how the services work for the individual services and how, for example, location accuracy or distances from locations, properties, sales and expansion areas can be determined. 

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