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Cost of living Purchasing power

The cost of living varies greatly

Life is expensive in the German metropolises. According to a recent study, the cost of living in Germany varies considerably from region to region. A key factor in this is the

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Where more safety is required...

Corona times have been tough for all of us, whether as private citizens or for business owners, restaurateurs, cultural workers and many others. But also for another group

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Securing the heat transition with data models

According to the Federal Environment Agency, renewable energies account for just 16.5 percent of final energy consumption for heating and cooling. Because the starting situations in the municipalities are different, the heat turnaround needs data above all. A guest article in energate | messenger (published by Energate GmbH, a specialist publisher for the energy industry in German-speaking countries) with Norbert Stankus.

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Micro-banks: Mini banks under pressure

Until recently, the smallest bank in Germany was Raiffeisenbank Struvenhütten (a Municipality in County Segeberg in Schleswig-Holstein); since the beginning of August, it has no longer been an independent credit institution. Especially against the background of location intelligence issues, the geographic territorial units of municipalities are a very heterogeneous grid. This has mainly to do with territorial reforms that have not taken place everywhere. The Federal state in the far north consists primarily of many small municipalities.

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Which regions/cities are underserved?

Climate point: E-car. Registration figures are rising, but can the charging infrastructure keep up? As "data e-mobility experts", we have therefore made some calculations on this based on our current charging station cadastre and the latest registration figures for e-vehicles. Our dashboard shows you the current development.

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Location Intelligence today

At the Esri Conference 2021, everything revolves around the topic of Location Intelligence. Location intelligence is the extension of business intelligence to include the spatial dimension. Location Intelligence not only makes it possible to understand what the customer is doing and why. Above all, Location Intelligence makes it possible to understand where (potential) customers are located, where high potential and high sales opportunities are to be expected, or where optimal poster locations can be used for marketing and sales campaigns that are appropriate for the target group. These are just a few aspects of a wide range of services and applications.

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