Market analyst online with a new look

The Nexiga market analyst online has not yet been around for 40 years, but it has been an integral part of the market analyst product range since 2017 . This is one reason why it is constantly being developed further, both visually and functionally.


It offers practical functions in a flexible geo-information system for the web browser. Many helpful features are combined in it to identify or evaluate targeted locations for any business and industry with a few quick clicks. For the necessary usability-friendly touch the Nexiga market analyst online has now been completely embedded in the holistic design of Nexiga. However, nothing has currently changed in terms of content, all functions are still in the familiar place.


Nexiga Market Analyst online is particularly suitable for visualizing internal and external data and for familiarizing oneself with the numerous possibilities of a geographic information system (GIS). And all this without extensive local installation or knowledge of geomarketing and location intelligence.

Excursion color theory

Blue is one of the favorite colors of the Germans. It is the typical business color, as it appears sober, businesslike and trustworthy. It cannot convey too much emotion. The color blue has a cool and restrained effect, but nevertheless, or even because of that, it stands for clarity and consistency.

The extensive and detailed background maps (including street and aerial maps) come from the ArcGIS online platform of our technology partner Esri. These can be changed at will. All settings for the map display can be made in the navigation area on the left side: Which layers are visible, which background map is used, the legend automatically adapts to the display and explains which color stands for which value range. In the color selection you are thus absolutely free and can adjust the display view entirely to your personal taste.

Those familiar with the previous variant will quickly notice that the user interface now appears more harmonious. For example, the logo and all function buttons are now in the "nexiga-typical" blue (formerly red), which makes the options for each use case still easily recognizable, but not too obtrusive.

Excursus data

In the data table at the bottom of the screen - the so-called characteristics table - the market data are listed in tabular form. Practical: The visible features are also displayed in the corresponding info window (click on an object in the map).


The integration of specific data is possible on request, for example the Nexiga Topshops, the Sinus Milieus®or the pedestrian frequency. An overview of the attractive licensing models can be found on the Market Analyst online page. TipLicensing for the single variant is possible for as little as 3 months.

Excursus site evaluation

A quick location assessment with a meaningful location report that provides a compact overview of a location and its catchment area comes as standard. A detailed overview of the most important functions can also be found in another blog article on the online product.

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