Market data for highest quality standards

Economical and efficient for customers and sales

Market data offers knowledge down to the smallest detail

Our unique market data database provides you with exactly the knowledge you need to answer your specific questions. Our microgeographic market information reflects a broad data portfolio, on population, target groups, residential quarters, employees and much more.


Nexiga offers you this market data in the highest quality and at the finest spatial levels. Precisely tailored to your individual needs and industry. Our market data includes far more than 300 features, finely plannable on house-exact, official, postal or individual area levels.

Your advantages

Reliable market data 

The market data we research and aggregate is extremely meaningful and versatile. See for yourself.

Our database is as diverse as its application possibilities are extensive. The market data can be used in regional or supra-regional market analyses, in sales planning, in competition analysis, potential analysis and branch network optimization, and set the tone in location analyses, in advertising planning and in customer and target group analyses.


Market data is the most important object of investigation in market research and marketing and lays the foundation for successful B2C decisions for all planning processes. That is why we always pay attention to the high quality and topicality of our data. You can rely on 40 years of experience and our reliable sources.

Secure data sources

  • Official statistics from state and federal offices
  • Market research studies
  • Social and Target Group Typology of the Sinus Institute (Sinus Millieus)
  • Central Office for House Coordinates and House Surroundings (ZSHH)
  • Direct marketing companies, Deutsche Post, Telekom, etc.
  • Calculations performed exclusively by Nexiga.