Happy New Year 2022

40 years of innovation in geomarketing

Once again we are at the start of a new year and as always we are looking ahead with a plan of what we can do this year to further develop our geomarketing/location intelligence solutions.


But we also like to take a brief look back. Because 2022 is a special year. This year, it's not just Haribo Gold Bears celebrating their 100th anniversary and Queen Elizabeth celebrating 70 years on the throne. Nexiga is also celebrating a milestone birthday. We are turning 40 - just like the science fiction blockbuster "Blade Runner", the actor Elyas M'Barek, the pianist Lang Lang and the punk band "Tote Hosen".

We may not be going on an anniversary tour like the "pants", but we will be celebrating our birthday with our long-standing customers in an appropriate way and in pleasant temperatures at the beginning of the summer.

A little geomarketing...

In 1982, when Nicole won the Eurovision Song Contest for Germany for the first time with the song "Ein bisschen Frieden" and the first Commodore 64 came onto the market, Geodaten GmbH was registered at the Bonn District Court. This was the nucleus of our company, a true pioneer of geomarketing was born. Under various company names with changing shareholders, we finally became Nexiga GmbH in 2014.


In these four eventful decades, however, we have been characterized by one thing above all: Continuity. Many employees have been contributing their expertise to the company for decades, some for as long as 35 years. Many customers have also been loyal to us for decades. We are grateful for this, but above all we are proud of it.


Nexiga has stood for innovation in geomarketing for 40 years. Be it the introduction of computer cartography, the development of microgeographic grids, the development and use of geographic information systems (GIS): we have always been at the forefront. We can rightly count ourselves among the market leaders in geomarketing, because our knowledge is growing and growing.

We also have big plans for 2022. We will intensify the provision of our SaaS solutions in the cloud. To this end, we are expanding the existing geocoding and data enrichment solutions with a newly developed routing platform. The functionality of our online market analyst will also be expanded further. The latest feature is catchment area analysis with flexible speed profiles.

And then we will follow the Esri technology and convert our market analyst from ArcMap to ArcGIS-Pro. All functionalities relevant to geographical analyses will gradually become available in the new software environment. Last but not least, as every year, our comprehensive data update is on the agenda. In addition to the popular and planning-relevant purchasing power, we are expanding our data set with interesting foreign data and further developing the spatial grid of Micro postal code .

There is a lot to do. We are tackling it.

We wish you a successful and healthy 2022!

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