Mobility data for location-based analyses

Always know where what's going on.

Mobility data and frequencies move markets

Knowing what is going on where and when - means having the best possible view of pedestrian and traffic flows when making many decisions.


Our mobility data provide detailed information on the movements of passers-by (pedestrian frequency) and vehicles (traffic frequency). Visitor and traffic flows, generated by navigation service providers or by personal mobile devices, are collected and processed. In combination with other meaningful market data and geodata from the Nexiga database as well as powerful software solutions such as the Nexiga Market Analyst, they are an indispensable component for spatial assessments and location-based analyses


The pedestrian frequency is available at Nexiga on all European road sections and brings the direct comparison of locations, hotspots and location qualities. Time-consuming and cost-intensive on-site measurements and incomplete forecast data are a thing of the past and can be replaced by a low-cost licensing model. This is how you discover the best frequency locations for your business.

Our mobility and frequency data are cross-industry, high-quality information. They are among the most important decision-making criteria for the following applications:


Identifying customer flows with the right data

Find the right locations online with the Nexiga market analyst

A quick overview of the best locations in a given area is provided by the location-based data in our web-based geo-information system. With this special web tool, you have the possibility to select many settings and features that make it easier for you to find the right store at a suitable location.