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Purchasing power 2024 increases by around EUR 2,000 per inhabitant 

Nexiga's forecast purchasing power 2024 is available for the whole of Germany for the planning and visualization of target groups and areas.


First things first: Bn the current purchasing power calculation, a considerable increase in the per capitapurchasing power to EUR 27,926: EUR 2,049 more than in the previous year, ass is an increase of 7,9%.

There has not been such strong growth since the turn of the millennium. After many years of stability with low inflation and moderate wage increases, nominal purchasing power growth already picked up in 2022 (+4.6%) and 2023 (+3.7%). Another peak has now been reached. 

Inflation influences purchasing power development

When inflation rises, purchasing power decreases, as the same amount of money can buy fewer products or services. For example, Germans have had to accept real wage losses since 2021.

Purchasing Power Explanation   

The information from Nexiga's purchasing power map can be valuable for companies because it can be used to determine the most solvent regions in Germany. This information can be incorporated directly into the planning of marketing and sales activities. Business decisions - such as planning new locations or sales channels - can also be underpinned with the help of the purchasing power map. 


The term purchasing power used here refers to the share of "disposable income" of the resident population. This is based on the net income of private households. In addition to earned income, this also includes pensions, unemployment benefit, transfer payments (citizens' allowance), child benefit and capital income. Purchasing power is recorded at the place of residence and therefore does not indicate where the available money is spent. Sources: Nexiga's own calculations based on data from the DIW (German Institute for Economic Research), the Federal Statistical Office and the Federal Employment Agency.  

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