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State-of-the art technology and data are key drivers in today’s world of business, digitally, on and offline.

LOCAL Intelligence helps you enhance your customer experience, thanks to the outstanding quality of its data and our services.

Location Intelligence & Geomarketing Solutions

Solutions speak for themselves.

Thanks to web-based area planning, DPD, one of Germany’s leading parcel service provider, has managed to reorganise its (highly sophisticated and complex) route operations and delivery stops and ultimately redesign its business in a thoroughly future-orientated fashion. In the process, both area and delivery route planning were redefined methodologically by means of a custom-made Geographic Information System (GIS) provided by Nexiga, henceforth increasing overall efficiency as a centrepiece of a thoroughly optimised logistics system.


Here’s what the experts say:

”Thanks to Nexiga’s GIS solution, we have been able to develop an efficient planning tool for its local delivery routes.”

Katharina Marthaler, Project Manager for DPD

”Through the alignment of our own corporate data with the specific market data information from Nexiga’s database we gained an entirely new perspective on the assessment of our branches as well as on location planning.”

T. Henning, dennree GmbH

„It was only because of Nexiga’s specific data on e-charging stations that we were able to realise our vision“

Peter Mathis, CEO at DigiKoo


We strive to provide the foundations for better and more informed business decisions. In business with and for you – As one of the market leaders in our field, we boast more than 35 years’ experience of collaborating successfully with renowned companies across industries.


Make your chances and potentials visible – with a Geographic Information System which is perfectly tailored to suit your business and meet all your specific requirements. Back up your decisions and boost overall confidence in your strategies by carrying out thorough and well-founded market analyses, deriving from them a rock-solid basis for your decision planning.


Optimise your campaigns, advertising budgets, logistics, your branch planning, and business at large by refining the analysis of your data – and relying on our expertise. Draw on our specialists’ know-how and experience whenever you have to take any major decisions.

Case Studies

Specific tasks require specific action. Developing tailor-made solutions even to the most complex issues, we ensure the successful accomplishment of all our clients’ missions.


Access to reliable information on markets, target groups, branches and competition is all but a sine qua non for successful and effective management. Nexiga offers you just this: a broad spectrum of current and high-quality data for Germany, Europe, and the entire world.


Analysing, identifying, zooming, displaying distances, showing and hiding different information levels – with the help of Nexiga’s digital maps the results of your geographical analyses will become vivid, clear and versatile. Stay on top of the multitude of interdependencies and contexts facing your business, your market and industry.

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