Attract customers & target groups

Finding out who wants what from you.

Knowing - and appreciating - target groups better through customers

You can only recognize the true qualities of a person when you know them really well. It's a similar story with your customers - and a targeted analysis of your customer data is therefore particularly valuable.

The possibilities are many:

Work with our experts to create the right customer analysis for your specific needs and gain critical customer insights to optimally adapt your marketing and sales strategies.

From "car drivers with an affinity for innovative drive concepts" to a concrete buyer profile - Capgemini managed this with Nexiga's know-how and data expertise. We are happy to support you with your challenges as well!

Discover hidden potential in your CRM data

Every person is unique and has individual ideas and needs that are reflected in their consumer behavior. Nevertheless, with the right data (from your CRM and our market data and geodata), patterns can be identified - and used.


Customer segmentation gives you the opportunity to clearly delineate and profile customer and prospect types and use scoring to divide them into classes that are relevant to you.

New target groups with the support of meaningful customer analytics

With the intelligent use of micro targeting for a well-known automobile manufacturer, the product launch of a new type of car was successfully supported. Customer analytics and data management were crucial for the high-performance use of marketing campaigns during the market launch.

Sharpen your focus on your customers.

With Nexiga Profiler you can quickly find new customers, categorize existing customers and better understand what your customers want from you. Analyze yourself or let us analyze your data and customers for you. Learn more about the possibilities to segment your data in a meaningful way.

Questions about our solutions?

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