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Nexiga Topshops Update 2022 for Austria

Update Austria: More than 43,500 top store addresses for Austria show the spatial distribution of chain stores from the retail, automotive and hospitality sectors, as well as hotels/tourism, pharmacies, parcel stores and finance/insurance. These points of interest (POI) identify sales hotspots and support meaningful location and competition analyses.

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The future of office workplaces

The future of office real estate is uncertain in times of increased home office use. Some industries are reducing office space, while others need more space. Mixed forms of home office and office are likely to become established. In the office of the future, workplaces will no longer be person-based, but task-based.

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Online trade becomes stationary

Location planning in e-commerce: Retailers who have previously offered their products exclusively online are opening stationary stores in selected city centers and with additional purchases from traditional stores. Recently, the so-called ROPO effect could also be observed in the example of a major player in furniture retailing: Home24 found Butlers. Purchase decisions are forced by Internet research, and the products are put "on show" in stationary retail.

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Luxury car seeks super rich

It takes a bit of luck to spot a Bentley on German roads. Although the British luxury brand is now one of the 13 brands in the Volkswagen Group, it deliberately remains in a niche market - after all, it is also the official purveyor to the British royal family. That's how much nobility there has to be.

The target group in this country is certainly very specific. An initial approximation can be made - if at all - via the spatial distribution of very high-income households that bring with them a corresponding level of purchasing power.

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PUDO or not PUDO?

Even Santa Claus may be asking himself this question these weeks. A PUDO, short for "pick-up and drop-off," is a place where parcels can be picked up or returned. Many e-commerce customers are familiar with the parcel store or tobacconist around the corner, but so-called lockers - unstaffed and available around the clock - are on the rise.

Ultimately, for logistics companies, it is about optimizing the last mile until delivery to the customer takes place. For corresponding geoanalyses, we have the "PUDOs" available as a data package for Germany.

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Spanish data

Spain is not only a popular vacation destination. With 25.9 million households, Spain also has a lot of marketing and sales potential to offer. Nexiga offers access to a comprehensive building database, from the Canary Islands to the Balearic Islands and the Basque Country.

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Location Intelligence today

At the Esri Conference 2021, everything revolves around the topic of Location Intelligence. Location intelligence is the extension of business intelligence to include the spatial dimension. Location Intelligence not only makes it possible to understand what the customer is doing and why. Above all, Location Intelligence makes it possible to understand where (potential) customers are located, where high potential and high sales opportunities are to be expected, or where optimal poster locations can be used for marketing and sales campaigns that are appropriate for the target group. These are just a few aspects of a wide range of services and applications.

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Alternative drive types on the upswing

The sales figures for passenger cars fluctuate. Only one thing is certain: something is happening in terms of drive systems. Sales of cars with alternative drive systems (battery, plug-in, fuel cell, gas, hydrogen) are gradually gaining momentum. In the months January to August, the share of all new registrations was an impressive 39.9%. Even though sales of electric cars have more than doubled compared to the same period last year, there is still a long way to go to "complete electromobility".

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Back to School: Education data package

So last week it happened again: Students in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are also back at school. Traditionally, they are usually the last to return from summer vacation in the southern states. In the far north, as in Schleswig-Holstein, they have already been over since the beginning of August, as if cold north winds were already driving people away from the dunes and beaches again. There, however, the fall vacations are already coming up at the beginning of October. The new start at schools is known as the "Back to School Season," especially in the USA. The sales opportunities are enormous. Accordingly, large-scale marketing campaigns are being designed. The trend has long since spilled over to us.

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