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Spain is not just a popular vacation destination. With 25.9 million households, Spain also has a lot of marketing and sales potential to offer. Nexiga offers access to a comprehensive building database, from the Canary Islands to the Balearic Islands and the Basque Country. The number of households feature is available for a total of 9.85 million houses. The total of 25.9 million households refers to primary households. The data therefore also includes secondary households and households without permanent residents. This is statistically calculated data.


This microgeographical information represents the smallest, fully available data level for Spain and therefore offers an enormous density of information for detailed spatial analyses. The characteristics "number of buildings" and "number of households" can of course also be aggregated to higher geographical levels such as postal codes (código postal) or provinces (provincias).

Building information / EXAMPLE VALÈNCIA (Zipcode)

For use in geographic information systems (GIS), the comprehensive data set can be provided either as an Esri file geodatabase (for ArcGIS Desktop) or regionally subdivided as an Esri shapefile, in different geographic coordinate systems (projections) by arrangement.

Spanish data format

Other address formats apply in other countries. You can obtain the following data structure for house data in Spain from the Nexiga database.

Are you interested in further data for Spain or the rest of Europe? Contact us, we develop customized data packages with our data partner from Madrid.

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