Geomarketing broadens the horizon

All Around the world in a day - Location Intelligence.

Location intelligence the new geomarketing

Observing markets, recognizing potential, localizing customers - geomarketing knowledge thrives on precise data, flexible systems and analyses "on demand" - based on spatial intelligence. Opportunities and risks of strategic decisions can be realistically assessed with geomarketing in many areas and alternatively calculated and visualized.


Geomarketing is the perfect complement to the spatial aspects of your traditional marketing mix.

Product, price, distribution and communication are the four cornerstones for leading your company to success. Spatial intelligence offers additional added value in the classic marketing mix. After all, you need to know where you can reach your customers, where they live, where they shop and, above all, where you can attract new ones. Be where your products are in demand and well placed. Precise geodata creates the basis for this, which can be supplemented by many other geomarketing components.


We have been mastering spatial intelligence for over 40 years. Let us convince you of our geomarketing solutions.

Geomarketing as a system

Geomarketing systems that recognize potential

Information for assessing locations, competitors, potential and the market environment is fundamental. Take advantage of this knowledge and feed your own and external data into the right system. You will see how many new things you can discover.

Much more than just geodata

Data quality that creates market transparency

Market data, geodata, Germany-wide or international - no matter what you are looking for, you will find it here. Our database provides relevant information on over 22 million houses in Germany from above, outside and inside. Simply select what you need.

Geo meets marketing

Analyses that bring you new customers

Whether the right location or the right customer. Both need to be found 100%. Location and customer analyses combine all the important factors into a meaningful report that makes your decisions much easier.

Geomarketing solutions that convince customers.

"With the GIS solution created by Nexiga, DPD has developed an efficient tool for planning local transport routes. The cooperation with Nexiga in the planning and implementation process is always constructive and very good".

Katharina Marthaler, Project Manager at DPD

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There are plenty of definitions of geomarketing, and all of them describe the topic correctly. In the past, the world was much more localized and most people could not travel. There were relatively few places where a manageable number of goods were exchanged. As a result, marketplaces developed along trade routes and only the basic needs of most people were met. Today, the world has become much more complex. Many people can afford to follow their own special interests and preferences. They live where they want, travel where they want, consume what they like. Depending on the aspect, they result in diverse spatial structures and patterns that can be analyzed with the help of geomarketing. In short: gain valuable insights into the spatial distribution of your customers and sales.

If you ask yourself where you can open up new markets and sales regions with which products and whether it makes sense to introduce a product variation depending on the region - adapted to local tastes and target groups - then you are already in the middle of geomarketing. Nobody needs fridges in Antarctica, but do you know where fridges in NRW make no sense? Geomarketing knows.

Spatial (regional) price differentiation can certainly make sense. A rental car at the main train station is probably more expensive than somewhere else in the city. Different prices are therefore always related to customer demand and the competitive situation. The petrol station market shows us this every day. Points of interest and top stores (companies such as Saturn, Primark, etc.) automatically provide frequency information that supports an analysis with different consideration factors in pricing. Geomarketing recognizes the profitability of customers in the form of customer types, allowing them to be differentiated from one another and target groups to be better segmented and identified.

Goods and services must somehow reach the customer or consumer. The focus here is often on the geographical analysis of sales channels. Classic disciplines are location searches and the analysis of potential specialist retailers and competitors. Customer service and direct sales must also be organized. The management of franchise operations, authorized dealers and the entire logistics process usually cannot do without geographical analysis, which brings us back to geomarketing.

Good communication measures are used to arouse the interest of potential customers. Relevance is crucial here, which often requires corresponding purchasing power. By optimizing these measures, scattering losses are minimized. After all, the affinity for luxury cars is more likely to be higher in district X than in district Y. Questions such as where the right poster locations are, where inserts in brochures make sense or where a promotion at the point of sale is suitable are also classic geomarketing issues. Spatial aspects are required here - and spatial usually means geo-knowledge applied to the marketing mix at the same time.

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