Happy Birthday

40 years of Location Intelligence

Exactly 40 years ago today, Geodaten GmbH was registered at Bonn District Court. 40 years of Location Intelligence. The company on which Nexiga was founded. Inspired by the study of the different voter groups in the individual voting districts, this led to the analysis of the regional distribution of target groups for a wide variety of consumer and sales goods for marketing and sales. More about the history can also be found here.

The company's starting signal coincided with the recording of voting districts, i.e. the geographic allocations of living and housing conditions according to geographic units: in 1986, the residential quarters derived from voting districts were launched as the first fine-grained grid. The first milestone for targeted and detailed spatial planning. The fine-spatial and area-wide availability of this grid thus enabled the development of Germany's first microgeographic database (LOCAL), on which locations for stores or e-charging stations are based today through continuous further development and updating. The advantage of administrative structures was already obvious at the time: official data was published at an early stage that could be used as a basis for analysis and planning.

Future always a question of perspective

The rapid development of the last few decades can only give us a vague idea of what advances digitization still has in store for us in terms of planning and analysis, as well as the further development of different types of sites or processes in the area of broadband expansion.


This year Nexiga celebrates its 40th anniversary. The big anniversary party was already held on June 20 of this year with customers and partners at the Bahnhöfchen in Bonn in beautiful summer weather. In addition to some "historical" anecdotes, such as the digitization of GDR areas from Russian maps and the great challenge of obtaining usable geodata at all at that time, a balance was drawn at the time. Today, these questions no longer arise, but there are other challenges, such as the topic of sustainability with spatial reference or the creation of digital twins of complex objects. Presentations by partner companies such as Hexagon and PlaceSense impressively showed how three-dimensional data, i.e. also dynamically captured data, is becoming increasingly accurate, fine-grained and real. So a lot has happened in these 40 years.


In the view of futurologist Kai Gondlach, the "future is always a question of perspective," so that a reliable look at 2062 seems somewhat daring, but shows us that much is possible. In addition to blockchain, low code and metaverse, the world of data will of course continue to develop, as will the systems that use this data. So it remains exciting to face these challenges and to help shape them.

At this point, the entire Nexiga team would like to thank all customers once again for their trust and cooperation, some of which has already lasted for "decades".

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