How many e-charging stations does a city need?

The installation of new e-charging points by local authorities has so far had a rather symbolic character. Norbert Stankus from Nexiga and Volker Gillessen from EcoLibro have taken a look at the future of e-mobility from a municipal perspective. A technical article on this has been published in Esri's Wherenext.

Norbert Stankus is Director of Energy & E-Mobility at the location
intelligence specialist Nexiga.

Charging means parking, but where?

Parking spaces and areas play a central role in the strategic planning of the e-charging infrastructure. Because when a vehicle is being charged, it is parked somewhere - and not necessarily in a public parking space, but usually in one of the more than 13 million private garages in this country. A garage register is essential for planning.


Where exactly the charging current will be needed in three, five or ten years' time needs to be determined. Planners therefore need to know: How many e-vehicles are there in a municipality today and how many will there be in different parts of the city in the near future and in a few years' time?

You can find the complete article here.

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