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Geocoding or geocoding?

The completeness of the underlying reference file and the positional accuracy of the coordinates used are decisive for geocoding quality. The "spelling" of addresses is therefore an important component for accuracy and localization. It does not matter whether it is the visualization of sales data by geographical region or the determination of two locations in relation to each other.


There is also disagreement on the spelling of one of the most important terms in geomarketing. From provider to provider, from user to user, sometimes one spelling is chosen, sometimes the other. We at Nexiga also use both variants. However, the meaning is identical.

Geocoding options

Quality and completeness

How to deal with different address spellings?

The completeness of the underlying reference file and the positional accuracy of the coordinates used are decisive for the geocoding quality. The program logic in the adjustment process is also important. This is where County comes full circle to the initial topic of "spelling". This is because not all addresses are written in the same way in all sources. 


Location Intelligence Services

To better understand geocoding and its advantages, we would like to refer you to our webinar recording from 13.06.2023. The webinar offers you a lot of possibilities for planning and evaluating target groups, locations, real estate, sales and expansion areas to reach your destination faster, more efficiently and more easily.

Margaretenstr. or Margarethenstr.? Im Busch or Am Busch? Bgm.-Schmidt-Str. or Bürgermeister-Schmidt-Str.? Whether a typo, abbreviation or other deviation. A good geocoding program intelligently finds the correct assignment, validates the input address and ideally also outputs the standard spelling. The result: reliable geocoding that is as complete as possible.

What is geocoding anyway?

So, at least in this article, let's stick to the dictionary and write geocoding. But what is that anyway?


Geocoding means the enrichment of postal addresses with geographical xy-coordinates on the one hand and/or geographical keys (KGS+) on the other. This is used to define both the location of a house/address in space and to determine the administrative affiliation to a Municipality, a district, a Neighbourhood or a Street segment . As part of the process, the Postal code, which is already a geocode in itself, is also validated and supplemented if necessary. Ten times finer than Zip code is the sub-unit Micro postal code developed jointly by Nexiga and MB-Micromarketing.


The coordinate localizes the address, the geo keys allow the counting of addresses, households, customers per area unit and the enrichment of external qualifying information such as purchasing power.

Digression Duden: The technical term geocoding/geocoding is not known to him, but the basic form is:
Co¬|die¬|rung, Ko¬|die|¬rung, die
Part of speech: noun, feminine Spelling recommended by Duden: Coding Alternative spelling: Coding

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