Data power gets the automotive market moving

Identify and exploit new target groups with big data analytics and micro-targeting
The case

Market launch of a car with an innovative drive system

A leading manufacturer of premium-class automobiles commissioned Capgemini Consulting to support the market launch of an automobile with innovative drive technology. During the market launch of the new product, sales and profitability were to be increased through target group-specific analysis.


The objective: Optimum utilization of the potential of interested parties and potential buyers.

The challenge

Novel product - unknown customer

At the time of planning, the topic of alternative drive technologies for automobiles was the focus of public interest. However, there were practically no vehicles and reference products on the newly emerging market that could have been used for planning. There were also no reference customers for a profile analysis, for evaluating purchasing behavior, for creating customer profiles or for identifying potential buyers.


The most important challenge was to obtain and analyze relevant data as a basis for efficient marketing strategies.

Strategic success through data insight

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Capgemini Consulting is the global strategy and transformation consultancy of the Capgemini Group. The consultants advise and support organizations in their sustainable change processes. The services range from the conception of innovative strategies to their implementation, always with a clear focus on results. In the course of the extensive changes to the economy and society brought about by digitalization, Capgemini Consulting supports leading companies and public institutions in their individual digital transformation.

The implementation

4 steps to customer insight

Capgemini Consulting and Nexiga worked with the client to develop a four-stage analytical approach to identify and localize potential buyers. The primary goal was to gain concrete customer insights into a previously undefined target group in the first step in order to develop targeted marketing strategies and campaigns on this basis.


The basis for this is a specially developed analytical model, which was developed for the customer in a unique data laboratory.

"In the fast lane with big data analytics."

"Our aim was to bring all the information together centrally in order to support economically viable campaigns close to the customer. With Nexiga's know-how and data expertise, we were able to distil a concrete buyer profile from the rather diffuse profile of the 'car driver with an affinity for innovative drive concepts'. Based on the insights gained, we can now manage marketing activities much more precisely and significantly exceed previously planned targets."

The result

Micro-targeting - success with local strategies

The project succeeded in identifying previously unknown potential buyers of cars with innovative drive concepts in order to target them as potential buyers with coordinated marketing and advertising activities. Convincing: the campaigns based on the new findings were many times more successful than the unspecific campaigns before.


The analytical model developed during the project provides the manufacturer with very detailed customer insights for existing and potential customers, which can be used in a variety of ways. This means that existing customers can now also be targeted with innovative drives in order to generate new sales through upselling.

In addition, the new data-driven micro-targeting approach significantly increased overall customer and retailer satisfaction.


Following the successful launch in a pilot market, Capgemini Consulting supported the international roll-out in all of the manufacturer's key markets in Europe and worldwide.


To this end, the experience gained from the pilot project in the domestic market was evaluated and the findings used for further optimization. The scalable model now contains all the important properties, specifications and characteristics for further customer segmentation. This allows relevant parameters to be adapted to local markets and efficient marketing strategies to be found quickly.


The success of the project is a convincing example of the growing importance of big data analytics and micro-targeting for identifying and exploiting valuable market potential.