Webinar: Location Intelligence Services - Anywhere. Anytime.

March 21, 2024
at 11 a.m.

Determine location-based data faster.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Verify, localize, enrich and optimally reach data. All in one step, or rather in one solution. 

From spatial knowledge to more customer quality.

Combine three services into one web-based solution: 


  1. Geocoding

  2. Enrichment

  3. Routing

We show you how you can quickly locate and link your addresses with external data and process them in a convenient cloud solution.


With the efficient processing of your address data in the cloud, you can quickly localize addresses, enrich them with external data and link them. In particular, the visualization of sales data or target groups by geographical region and the calculation of the optimal route between customers and the nearest store (House2House Matrix) offers you many advantages.


Optimize your customer relationship management (CRM) by using structured address data and gain valuable insights by analyzing geographic locations and contextual attributes.


In future, create analyses in which you relate your data to other spatial objects. This will make your day-to-day work much easier. The high accuracy and reliability of our services guarantee you the quality and high performance you need for your planning. 

Intelligent Location Services offer you many advantages:

Nexiga lecture

Location Intelligent Services

Three services, one solution!

Geocoding service 

The central basis for enriching addresses with additional information or spatial data.

Enrichment Service

The convenient cloud service with which you can communicate easily via the web interface or directly via the web API.

Routing Service

distances to the nearest depot/shop and optimize your accessibility. The basis for monitoring, determining the status quo and expanding networks.


Your speaker

Gernot Hilpisch

Senior Business Consultant

Nexiga GmbH
hilpisch@nexiga.com |T +49 228 8496-205